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MARCH 7, 2014

Three Rivers alum Coty Walker advances to The Voice stage

Bernie native and Three Rivers College alumnus Coty Walker, along with his brother Clinton Walker, catapulted onto the national stage on Monday, March 3, when their performance of "Keep Me in Mind" earned them a spot on Team Usher to advance to the next round of competition of NBC's The Voice.

Coty Walker, who runs The Walker Bros. Recording Studio in Bernie, Mo., along with his brother, got his career start at Three Rivers in 2006, studying for his electrician certification. Coty says that both his education and interactions at Three Rivers helped start him down the path of being a successful entrepreneur and helped him on the musical career that led to The Voice's stage.

"I was studying the electrical side of things because that's such a big part of audio engineering. Owning a recording studio of my own has been a dream of mine since I was a kid," said Walker. "That knowledge helped a lot, but I also met some friends, especially through the Baptist Student Union at Three Rivers, that really taught me a lot about the music business and how to get started in my career."

The Walker brothers opened their studio in 2010, with Coty running the studio while Clinton helped support the venture with income from his career as a music teacher. Neither man ever gave up on their own musical careers, a path that eventually led to entering the national competition.

"We've been playing at churches for a long time, and then we really got into country music. The Voice just seemed like the next step," said Walker. "It's like no other experience we've ever had. Being up there in front of that audience and those judges - it's like a blackout state. Nothing prepares you for the surge that happens when an opportunity like this is given to you. It's a real blessing."

Walker stressed the importance of a focus on learning and education in his and his brother's success.

"The things I've learned, from school and from people, are so important in what I've done. Education is something that can be so overlooked, something you should seek from any source possible," said Walker. "You can never be done learning. The best advice I have for anyone out there is to find something you're passionate about and always strive to be better at it, to know more about it. That's the best way to success."

Coty and Clinton Walker wait for commentary from the panel of judges after their audition on NBC's The Voice.
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