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Facilities Master Plan
In 2010, Three Rivers College contracted with Dille and Traxel, LLC to assess the space needs of the college and to develop a Facilities Master Plan for its main Poplar Bluff campus. The results of this space assessment showed a deficiency to the tune of over 63,000 square feet of building space. It also identified several key areas of new and expanded programming that would provide services for the district currently underserved and additional income for the college.

This document proposes to expand the existing campus to provide Student Services, Applied Technology, Fine Arts, Fitness and Recreation, Athletics, Maintenance, and other renovations. By adding approximately 100,000 square feet to the existing campus, Three Rivers College will be in better position to meet the needs of its taxing district and beyond.

The goal for this master plan is to demonstrate the current need for growth, identify potential areas of development, and estimate project budgets. The intent is to help continue Three Rivers' reputation as a quality learning institution with a community setting and provide guidance for the ongoing development of a competitive campus for the future.

Three Rivers College is a growing higher education institution with a mission to provide quality, accessible, and affordable learning opportunities and services for academic scholarship and professional success. Established in Poplar Bluff, MO in 1966, Three Rivers is a public two-year institution that provides open-access higher education opportunities in Southeast Missouri. The vision of the college is to become the preeminent, cutting-edge community of learners with a student-first focus, and to operate as a vibrant, dynamic catalyst for the creation of opportunities that foster learning and student success.

The purpose of this Facilities Master Plan is to record a physical facilities design vision for Three Rivers College for a minimum of the next ten years. Several of the factors that affected the design of this document include new strategic and operational needs, safety concerns, efficiencies, and room utilization effectiveness. Together with the vision of the college administration we have created a plan to provide quality, technologically advanced instructional space as well as community environment that will serve the college well into the next two decades.

Here you can download the complete Three Rivers College Facilities Master Plan in the PDF format:
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