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Institutional Effectiveness
2020 Vision
It is with great pride that we present our Three Rivers College Strategic Plan for the next five years, 2020 VISION. As you read our strategic plan, please be assured that each and every word is being actualized by the members of our College team. The College planning process is designed to align this plan with specific goals and initiatives that aim to move the College to higher levels of excellence and success for our students.

This document represents months of research and dedication from a forward-thinking group of Three Rivers College administrators, faculty, staff, and students. During the 2014 Fall semester, the Strategic Planning Steering Committee began working on the development of the 2020 VISION contained in this document. 2020 VISION was developed through a transparent process with broad campus and community involvement.

The Three Rivers College Strategic Planning Steering Committee began its work in August 2014. The dedicated team came together every Friday afternoon for more than three months to create the plan. Throughout this process, the team revealed real challenges and collaborated on new and innovative ideas to discover opportunities for future growth and improvement of the College.

The strategic themes and initiatives found in 2020 VISION are the result of researching the data from Three Rivers College programs, an environmental scan, an institutional priorities survey, and various student satisfaction survey results, as well as focus group interviews that informed the team of the current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). The plan integrates the vision and mission of the College. It includes strategies developed by the team that will serve to strengthen our culture of continuous improvement and foster the success of our students.

The work of the team was presented to the Three Rivers College Board of Trustees as 2020 VISION and was approved at the December 2014 Board Meeting. Guided by 2020 VISION, the College leadership further developed annual strategic priorities for the FY16 planning cycle; that process will continue each fiscal year. The 2020 VISION kickoff event was the Annual Strategic Planning Retreat held at the Sikeston location in January 2015. Throughout the planning cycle, unit managers are guided by 2020 VISION and the annual priorities of the College to inform the development of departmental goals and objectives. The official start of 2020 VISION was at the beginning of the fiscal year, July 1, 2015.

Strategic Planning
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