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Visual & Identity Standards
The Three Rivers Visual & Identity Standards strives to create a unified look and voice for communication materials to strengthen the college brand. The success of each part of Three Rivers contributes to the reputation of the whole institution, and the reputation of the institution affects the success and reputation of each unit. Therefore, it is in everyone's interest that marketing/promotional efforts present a consistent, high quality image.

These standards serve as a reference on such topics as the proper use of the college name and logo, the college's online and social networking presence, and the college's communication efforts. These standards have been set to create a strong common identity for our diverse programs.

If you encounter a usage issue not covered by the guide, please contact the Communications Department. Together, we are the shapers and guardians of Three Rivers' public image.

- Three Rivers Visual & Identity Standards (PDF)

The following are the Visual & Identity Standards "in brief" to be used for quick reference, and do not contain all the standards and guidelines found in the full document.

Official Colors

The two official Three Rivers colors are "Three Rivers gold" and Black. The official Three Rivers gold can be matched using the Pantone Matching System (PMS) for print, CMYK for four-color printing, RGB for full-color monitor viewing, and HEX for use on the web.
  • The official Three Rivers gold is: PMS 124
  • The official CMYK equivalent is: C=6 M=29 Y=95 K=0
  • The official RGB equivalent is: R=239 G=182 B=42
  • The official HEX equivalent is: #EFB62A


Three Rivers College has a "horizontal" logo and a "stacked" logo. For the majority of usage, the "horizontal" logo should be used.

Three Rivers logos are available in digital formats for authorized uses from the Communications Department. The Three Rivers logo should appear prominently on all marketing/public relations pieces. The Communications Department must approve the use of our logos on all materials.

The logo must not be redrawn, reproportioned, recolored, or modified in any way. Use only the provided files of the original mark. Elements of the logo should not be separated or repositioned. If the size of the logo needs to be adjusted, do so to keep it proportional. Do not elongate, stretch, or squeeze as this distorts the logo. All previous logos are not to be used.

For more information and to download the logo in a digital format, visit the Logos Page.


All brochures, flyers, posters and other printed materials produced by faculty/staff/student groups that will be posted/distributed around the Poplar Bluff campus, external locations, or to the public must be submitted to the Communications Department for approval prior to distribution. Check out the Flyer/Poster Guidelines which include tips on creating print material as well as a few examples.

- Flyer/Poster Guidelines (PDF)

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