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Student Email Migration - OneDrive Guides

How to download your account OneDrive files

  1. Using your web browser, log into your through the online portal and choose OneDrive from the side menu.

    An image showing Step 1
  2. You can download all your files at once or just download some of the files, then come back later and download the rest. The approach that is best depends on the size of your OneDrive files and your internet speed and bandwidth limits.
    1. To select all your files at one time, hover you mouse below the words My Files to the left of the icon that looks like a piece of paper. A black and white circle will appear. Clicking that circle selects all your OneDrive Files.

      An image showing Step 2a
    2. To select some of the files, hover you mouse in the whitespace to left of the file or folder you wish to select. A black and white circle will appear. Clicking that circle selects the file or folder. Do this for each item you wish to download.

      An image showing Step 2b
  3. Click the word Download in the grey menu at the top.

    An image showing Step 3
  4. The web browser will download the files selected to your PC or Mac in a Zip file. This coold take some time depending on the file size. In our example, we used Google Chrome with the default settings on Windows 10. The Zip file downloaded to the default Downloads folder that can be located easily by using File Explorer and clicking the Downloads folder under Quick Access in the left-hand Navigation Pane.

    An image showing Step 4

How to upload your account OneDrive files to your new OneDrive

  1. First you will need to extract the Zip file created from the above downloading instructions. In our example, we are still using the default Windows 10 Downloads folder.
    1. In the Downloads folder, single click on the ZIP File you downloaded. It will highlight the file. Click the button that appeared at top of the window that says Extract all. If you do not see the Extract all button, click the Compressed Folder Tools tab at the top.

      An image showing Step 1a
    2. In the new window that opens, leave the folder name as it is, and uncheck Show extracted files… Click the Extract button in the bottom right.

      An image showing Step 1b
  2. Using your web browser, log into your new account through the online portal and choose OneDrive from the side menu.
  3. In the top menu. Click Upload, then click Folder in the menu that appears.

    An image showing Step 3
  4. In the window that appears, select the folder where the extracted files are and click Upload.
    1. In our example, the files we extracted are in a folder within the Download folder named the same as our Zip file. Click the Downloads folder in the Navigation Pane. Double Click the folder with the extracted files.

      An image showing Step 4a
    2. If the Folder textbox at the bottom says the extracted folder’s name, you have done the above correctly. Click Upload in the bottom left corner of the window.

      An image showing Step 4b
  5. Your web browser may prompt you about uploading the files. Click the Upload button to continue. You must leave your web browser window open while the files upload. Depending on the file sizes, this coold take some time.
  6. An Uploading Items message with spinning arrows will appear in the left side of the top menu to tell you files are still being uploaded. Clicking on this message will you show you more details.

    The first image showing Step 6

    the second image showing Step 6
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