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If you are a former student, former employee, proxy user, or do not have an active Three Rivers email, you can use the myTRCC login screen.

Initial Password for Students/Faculty/Staff

Your initial password is a combination of the following:

  • Example Student: Rocky Raider, born on July 1, 1966
  • Starts with dollar sign = $
  • First initial of first name, capitalized = R
  • First initial of last name, not capitalized = r
  • Birthday in numerical format: Month (2 digits), Day (2 digits), Year (4 digits) = 07011966
  • Ends in an exclamation point = !
  • Based on these criteria, the initial password would be $Rr07011966!

NEVER reply to any email asking for your account information or other personal details. If you receive such a message, please report it to For more information, contact the Welcome Center by calling 573-840-9605.

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