Surface of Desire

Artist: Byron Knight
Exhibit dates: November 8 – December 13
Location: Tinnin Gallery; hours 12-3 p.m. Monday-Friday
Admission: Free
Artist Lecture: : 12 p.m. November 8, PLST 108

A showcase of contemporary ceramics created through an exploration of archaeological forms.

Knight has always liked primitive forms, utilitarian in origin, yet capable of conveying sophisticated artistic expression. The simple shape is based on function, but contains a uniqueness that identifies a tradition within the creator’s culture. It is his intention as an artist to investigate and explore certain artifact forms and the location in which they were found; to look keenly at these artifacts and communicate that revelation to others through ceramic vessels. Knight believes that these archaeological forms, and where they were found, function as carriers of information, not necessarily specific facts, but bits of memory, thought, and magic. 

Most of his clay works are slab built and wheel thrown multi-sectional vessels finished with the combining effects of personal preferences and the mystery of the kiln. The surface of the forms is altered with cuts, gouges, and pressing the clay into molds to represent plow marks and erosion that have altered the surface or skin of our planet. For Knight, the creations suggest private thought that is simultaneously whimsical and brutal.