Artist: Eric Rosell
Exhibit dates: August 30 – October 4
Location: Tinnin Gallery; hours 12-3 p.m. Monday-Friday
Admission: Free
Artist Lecture: 12 p.m. August 30, PLST 108

Storytelling through a series of assemblages of distressed wood, text, photos, and other found objects.

Storytelling joins us together. It was how we—no matter the culture—communicated, long before the written word. It has remained a uniquely powerful and personal tool used to document the human experience. Rosell’s work is his stories.

Through his father, a great storyteller, Rosell discovered the nuances of details and the ways they lend themselves to the telling of a story. His work was born of the desire to give creative structure and substance to his memories.

Rosell uses found objects to communicate with the viewer. The materials he uses resonate inside of him and the marriage of these objects represent his stories. Often, the themes are born of a dream, a song, or a photo that triggers a memory. The use of text brings additional meaning and serves as a tribute to the power of the written word.

His objective is not necessarily to convey a specific story to the viewer, rather he invites them to bring their own meaning to the pieces and create their own story.