Scholarship Priority Deadline: June 20
Students registered by June 20 will be the first reviewed for scholarship eligibility. Click here for details.
Scholarship Priority Deadline: June 20
Students registered by June 20 will be the first reviewed for scholarship eligibility. Click here for details.
Workforce Development
Job Retention Training
Provides assistance in reducing the cost associated with retraining an existing workforce for the purpose of retaining jobs in the state of Missouri through training services such as:
  • Training designed for the specific needs of the industry;
  • General occupational skill training.
Eligible Areas
An eligible project may be located anywhere within the state of Missouri.

Eligible Applicants
Businesses with a sound credit rating currently located in Missouri that have retained at that site the level of employment for at least one year, and a minimum of 100 employees for two consecutive calendar years preceding the year in which the application for the program was made. In addition, the business must make a capital investment of at least one million dollars to acquire long-term assets.

Eligibility Criteria
Businesses applying must be:
  • Engaged in interstate or intrastate commerce for the purpose of manufacturing, processing or assembling products;
  • Conducting research and development; or providing services in interstate commerce.
In addition to being determined at-risk, businesses must also meet one of the following criteria:
  • Have made a substantial investment in new technology; or
  • Be located in a border county of the state and represent a potential risk of relocation from the state; or
  • Be determined to represent a substantial risk of relocation from the state by the Department of Economic Development.
Retail businesses do not qualify for this program. Other eligibility criteria may apply, such as types of jobs, type of industry and wage rates.

Program Benefits/Eligible Uses
The community colleges, located in twelve districts in Missouri, in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Economic Development through the Division of Workforce Development, administer the program. Funds for training and project costs are generated by using tax credits from the employer's regular withholding taxes that are paid for the employees in the retained jobs. The tax withholding is equal to 2.5% of gross wages for the first 100 jobs, and 1.5% for the remaining jobs in the project. The tax withholding credits for the project are claimed for an average of 4 to 5 years to pay for project costs.

Training assistance can include skill assessments, instructor costs, curriculum development, travel and a variety of other training-related services. On-the-job training expenses are restricted to no more than 50% of a project's training costs. In addition, total expenses for equipment, supplies and travel cannot exceed 25% of a project's training costs. Training may be provided by the company, a local educational agency or a training vendor.
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