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Three Rivers College intends to provide and encourage personal health and wellness among its employees and students. In order to maintain, support, and preserve high standards of excellence consistent with the College mission and goals, the College has established an alcohol and drug-free work and learning place.

Any person suspected of being under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances while on College premises may pose a serious risk to themselves and to others. The College reserves the right to remove any person from the College deemed a threat to themselves or others.

Consistent with the College mission and goals, the manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession, use, or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs, and/or other controlled or unlawful substances by students or employees is prohibited on all College-owned, controlled, and leased property. In addition, this behavior is prohibited at off-campus sponsored student functions of the College.

All federal, state, and local laws apply with the Supremacy Clause/Doctrine or Pre-emption, which states that the federal law supersedes in cases of conflicting legislation. The unlawful possession, use, or distribution of illicit drugs and/or alcohol on College premises; or as part of College activities is strictly prohibited under MO. Statute Sec. 178.835. For more information, please refer to GAP 1206 Alcohol/Drug-Free Work/Learning Place; SP 2610 Student Code of Conduct; SP 2620 Disciplinary Proceedings; PP 4730 Suspension or Termination; and GAP 1205 Code of Ethics in the Policies and Regulations Section.

Information concerning treatment programs is available in the Student Services Office.

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