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To be eligible for federal work study employment, a student must have financial need as calculated through the FAFSA, be enrolled in the current semester, and be in good academic standing. Federal work study award amounts vary based on student eligibility and the work assignment.

Federal work study students are paid no less than the Federal minimum wage. All time worked will be reported to HR/Payroll through web time entry within the payroll cutoff periods and approved by the supervisor. Federal work study participants are paid on a bi-weekly basis.

Due to limited funding, not every eligible student can participate in the federal work study program.

Work study questionnaires are available at the Financial Aid Office.

How Eligibility for Work Study is Determined

  • Your FAFSA form.
  • Your financial aid file must be complete (transcripts, verification documents, etc.).
  • You must be enrolled in the current semester in an approved degree or certificate program.
  • You must maintain satisfactory academic progress.

How to Apply for Work Study

The Office of Financial Aid will determine eligibility. If you are eligible, your application will be reviewed by each department and interviews may be scheduled. Applications will remain available for viewing by eligible candidates. Remember that positions are limited.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid to withdraw your application if you are no longer interested in a work study position.

If You are Hired

Once hired, the Office of Financial Aid will complete a Work Study Eligibility & Hiring Form. Upon completion of the form, including all signatures, submit the form to the Office of Human Resources (WEST 108 – Westover Building) with required forms of identification.

All information must be completed, received, and approved by the Office of Human Resources AND your timesheet available in your myTRCC prior to beginning working at the designated time agreed upon with your supervisor. Your supervisor will contact you once you are able to begin working.


More Information

Further resources are available on the federal student aid website.

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for current job positions.

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