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Scholarships are funds that do not generally require repayment as long as the semester is completed satisfactorily. Scholarships may be awarded based on merit, financial need, or specific criteria that have been established by the generous donors.

Institutional Scholarships

Institutional scholarships are offered based on academics, service, and performance. Specific eligibility criteria and enrollment stipulations may apply based on the scholarship award. A FAFSA is required to be eligible for institutional scholarships. (Note: International students not eligible for federal and/or state aid due to their status, are not required to submit a FAFSA.)

Private Endowment Scholarships

Private endowed scholarships will be awarded based on criteria established by donors. Scholarship information is available through the Office of Financial Aid or the Three Rivers website. Specific criteria and enrollment stipulations may apply based on scholarship award.

Three Rivers Endowment Trust Scholarships

The following scholarships are made possible through the generous support of individuals and groups in the College service area. Three Rivers Endowment Trust is a 501(c)(3) organization that receives and manages donations on behalf of Three Rivers College. The Endowment Trust provides a mutually beneficial means for individuals and businesses to collaborate with the College. Scholarship selection and enrollment status is based on criteria requested by the donor. For information on donating to or establishing scholarships, contact the Three Rivers Development Office at 573-840-9077.

List of Three Rivers Endowment Trust Scholarships

Endowment Trust Scholarship FAQs and Steps for Success

Sample Thank You Letter

Sample Application Letter

Outside Scholarships/Additional Resources

Three Rivers College, Financial Aid cannot accept responsibility for information located on third-party websites or for the actions of their operators. Before you begin your search, we recommend that you review information from the Federal Student Aid website on avoiding financial aid scams.

More information about our financial aid policies is available.

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