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Three Rivers College utilizes a Tiered Billing System paired with a Resource Fee to ensure students have simple, easy to read bills, and allow students to budget and plan for the future educational expenses. This pairing allows students to have access to materials needed the first day of classes and eliminate course specific fees that made budgeting in previous years a tedious task. Students will see following items on their bills: Tuition, Resource Fee, and Common Fee.

Base Tuition*

If you need help determining your residency, please visit our Proof of Residence page.

* Tuition and fees are subject to change without notice on the Three Rivers College website.

Three Rivers District Residents: $105 per credit hour

In-District includes the Three Rivers Taxing District of the school districts of Poplar Bluff R-I, Neelyville R-IV, Twin Rivers R-X, Van Buren R-I, Doniphan R-I, Naylor R-II, East Carter R-II, Ripley County R-III, Ripley County R-IV, Clearwater R-I, and Greenville R-II.

Out-of-District Residents: $146 per credit hour

Out-of-District includes all persons residing outside of the Three Rivers Taxing District, whether in Missouri or any other state. Note: Out-of-District and Out-of-State tuition rate changes are effective 8/1/2020.

Tiered Tuition Rates

  • Tier One: Base Tuition
  • Tier Two: Base Tuition plus $4 per credit hour
  • Tier Three: Base Tuition plus $81 per credit hour
  • Tier Four: Base Tuition plus $205 per credit hour
  • Tier Five: Base Tuition plus $848 per credit hour

Tiered Tuition is separated by class type. Listed along with the course number and section number, each course has a class type. For example, Accounting has a class type of ACCT and Biology has a class type of BIOL. To determine your total cost of tuition, locate your course on the list of course offerings and use its class type to see what tier it falls under. For tiers two through four, you will need to add an additional amount to the per credit fee. So a Tier Two class for an out-of-district resident would be $150 per credit hour.

View the complete list of class types by tier.

Common Fee

$56/credit hour

Resource Fee

$25/credit hour

Tuition Plan: FY2022-FY2027

This information is provided to allow future financial planning for academic success. The tables indicate the amount of increase in tuition allowable per year with the subsequent table below defining how this would affect the rate of tuition at Three Rivers College. Please note that these are projections based upon allowable guidelines and do not represent actual set rates at this time, but rather the potential rates of tuition offered at Three Rivers College. The information in the Six-Year Tuition Plan Proposal was approved by the Three Rivers College Board of Trustees on February 17, 2021.

Approved Increases Over Previous Year

Tier Twon/a
Tier Threen/a
Tier Fourn/a
Tier Fiven/a
Common Fee$9$2$1$2$2$1
Resource Fee$24$1

Approved Rates

Tier Two+4+4+4+4+4+4
Tier Three+81+81+81+81+81+81
Tier Four+205+205+205+205+205+205
Tier Five+691+691+691+691+691+691
Common Fee$51$53$54$56$58$59
Resource Fee$24$24$25$25$25$25

Understanding the Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance outlined below is what the College estimates it will take for you to attend TRC for the academic year, including direct and indirect expenses.

  • Direct Expenses: These are costs you pay to the College, such as tuition, fees, books, and supplies.
  • Indirect Expenses: These are estimated costs for things like food and housing, miscellaneous personal expenses, transportation, and estimated loan fees.

2023-2024 Cost of Attendance

Tuition & Fees$4,860.00$4,860.00$4,860.00$6,090.00$6,090.00$6,090.00
Books, course materials, supplies, equipment$1,020.00$1,020.00$1,020.00$1,020.00$1,020.00$1,020.00
Loan Fees+90.00+90.00+90.00+90.00+90.00+90.00
Food and Housing (living expenses)+5,202.00+9,612.00+6,804.00+5,202.00+9,612.00+6,804.00
Miscellaneous Expenses+6,066.00+6,066.00+6,066.00+6,066.00+6,066.00+6,066.00
TRC uses the College Board Living Expenses (Midwest-9 month), USDA Food and Nutrition and Living Wage Calculation for Butler County.

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