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Course Title: Foundations of Occupational Therapy
Course ID: OTA 200

This course presents an introduction to occupational therapy; including history, philosophical base, values, ethics, practice framework, and clinical reasoning. Students will learn selected theories and frames of reference as they pertain to interventions in mental health, physical disabilities, pediatrics, and community practice areas. An overview of the occupational therapy process, including assessment, treatment planning, treatment implementation, and discontinuation of intervention will be presented. Role delineation and collaboration of the occupational therapy assistant with other occupational therapy and healthcare personnel are discussed. Lecture 3 hours/Laboratory 3 hour/Total 6 hours per week.

Credits: 4
Semester(s): Fall

Prerequisites: One-Year Certificate Pre-Occupational Therapy Assistant; accepted admission into OTA program with a minimum GPA of 2.5

Corequisites: None

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