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Course Title: Plumbing III
Course ID: PLUM 215

This course includes basic pipe-fitting projects, including proper assembly, measurement, and testing of all piping systems. Lab activities include fixture installations such as wall-hung lavatories, water closets, bathtub installations, and kitchen sink installations. This course also provides students with skills for completing steel pipe and corrugated stainless steel gas pipe procedures. Topics include appropriate usage, fittings, safety, tools, equipment, and skill development in cutting, threading, fabricating steel piping systems, and termination of corrugated stainless steel piping. Course is designed to assist students in preparing for related portion of NOCTI exam. Lecture 3 hours/Laboratory 2 hours/Total 5 hours per week.

Credits: 3
Semester(s): Spring

Prerequisites: PLUM 105, PLUM 106, and PLUM 107 or instructor consent

Corequisites: None

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