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Course Title: Commercial Driving
Course ID: TRNS 105

This course provides instruction in Commercial Driving. Topics include road conditions and restrictions, laws and regulations, documentation and planning, and the safe operation of a commercial vehicle in preparation for the Missouri Commercial Driving Permit written examination. The technical skills portion of the course will include pre-trip inspections, shifting, acceleration, parallel parking, 90-degree angle and alley dock, offset parking, straight-line backing maneuvers, and safe driving techniques for operations of a tractor-trailer. Upon successful completion, students may obtain a Missouri Class A Commercial Driving License to prepare students for employment in the transportation industry. The course is forty hours per week for five consecutive weeks. Students are required to pass a Department of Transportation (DOT) medical examination and drug test, scheduled by the instructor, with a licensed medical examiner prior to taking the Missouri Commercial Driving Permit written examination. Lecture 2 hours/Laboratory 4 hours/Total 6 hours per week.

Credits: 6
Semester(s): Spring, Summer, Fall

Prerequisites: READ 02 or Reading placement of ENGL 111

Corequisites: None

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