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The deadline for the Associate of Applied Science degree program in Behavioral Health Support at Three Rivers College is December 1. This program will give students the skills needed for an in-demand career in the behavioral and mental health fields.

This accelerated 18-month program provides graduates with a pathway to an entry-level position as a support professional in the areas of addiction, disabilities, education, mental health, and psychiatric care.

Students in the program will complete two field practicums where they will gain hands-on experience to prepare them to support clients in a variety of behavioral and mental health settings. This program includes a general education component, as well as a concentration in behavioral health.

“Local behavioral and mental health care agencies came to us with a great need for individuals trained to be part of a team with doctors and patients—people to help fill the gap in care,” said Dr. Leslie Gragg, Department Chair of Science, Math, Social Sciences, and HPER at Three Rivers College. “We worked with them to make sure our program would produce graduates who would meet their organization’s needs and have the skills to help improve client outcomes and experiences.”

The Office of Administration, Division of Personnel, anticipates that associate degree holders in this program will earn approximately $32,000 per year (Source). This salary is comparable to that of bachelor’s degree technicians.

“Because of the huge need for Behavioral Health Support personnel, many service agencies are hiring people with an associate degree, instead of just a bachelor’s,” said Corey Reynolds, Coordinator of the Behavioral Health Support Program at Three Rivers. “The demand is so great that I have employers contacting me looking for potential employees.”

The application deadline is December 1 for the next cohort, with classes starting in January.

Students must complete an application and meet certain criteria to be admitted into the Three Rivers Behavioral Health Program. Prospective students must also complete a free Three Rivers application. Application forms can be found online at

For more information, contact Corey Reynolds, Coordinator of the Behavioral Health Support Program, at or 573-840-9631, ext. 8361.

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