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“The Country Mouse and the City Mouse,” a children’s theater show from the Imaginary Theatre Company of St. Louis and presented by the Three Rivers College Patrons of the Arts Society, was performed at Doniphan Elementary School on January 22, 2018. The performance was made possible thanks to the efforts of Three Rivers College, The Riverside Art Guild of Doniphan, and the following local business supporters: Castle Products and Services, Inc.; JW Woodworks’ Peoples Community Bank; Rocky River Inn; Three Rivers Citizens Advisory Board; and Vision-Improvement Clinic, LLC. Special recognition goes to Alice Shelton of The Riverside Art Guild for her role in helping make the collaboration work in Doniphan.

“The Imaginary Theatre Company continues to help us bring entertaining and educational children’s shows to the area,” said Robert Abney, Director of the Tinnin Fine Arts Center. “Besides being amazingly fun and entertaining, the Imaginary Theatre Company gears its shows to tie into the learning standards set forth by the Missouri Department of Education. They provide study guides and resources to make the performance educational and enthralling.” Thanks to sponsorships provided by area businesses and organizations, this show was performed at select school venues across the region at no cost to students.

Through the use of literature, folk tales, fairy tales, and new adaptations of classic works, the Imaginary Theatre Company provides the finest in theater for young theatergoers. The company is part of the Repertory Theatre Company of St. Louis. For information on upcoming Patrons of the Arts performances, visit

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