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Three Rivers College planning managers gathered recently for the College’s Annual Strategic Planning Retreat. College President Dr. Wesley Payne outlined the 2018-19 strategic planning priorities, which managers will use in developing their goals, action plans, and budgets for FY19.

Dr. Maribeth Payne, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness, led workshop activities to help planning managers develop FY19 goals and measureable objectives based on the new planning priorities.

“At the beginning of each year, the Three Rivers College Cabinet assesses the planning priorities based on what was accomplished in the previous year; College and community needs; and national and state trends in education, funding, and the economy,” Payne said. “We have moved the College forward in many areas this year, including assessment of student learning, refining policies, regulation and operational processes, and improving our physical infrastructure. The updated planning priorities will keep us on track for further improvements in the future.”

Three Rivers College FY19 Planning Priorities are:

• Assess and Improve Procedures, Processes, Policies, and Regulations: The College will review, revise, and create procedures and processes in execution of policies and regulations and create operation manuals as needed to ensure the accurate alignment of current practices. This will better reflect a more systematic, uniform, and efficient approach to the work of the college.

• Continue Implementing and Improving Assessment and Data Analysis Processes: The College will focus on high-quality planning and decision-making. Specific focus will be on the improvement of current practices and the implementation of assessment processes for every planning unit and college program. This effort will align the college to be better informed in the use of meaningful data.

• Enhance Web Presence: The College will place specific focus on rebuilding the entire website to increase usability and content availability.

• Improve Physical Infrastructure: The College will continue to implement a comprehensive deferred maintenance plan for the physical facilities of the college. Focused attention will be given to improving the learning environment for improved student success.

• Improve Student Learning: The College will use the results of outcomes assessment and other available data to aggressively pursue targeted actions to improve learning. The actions will be formulated in fully documented plans recorded in the College’s Strategic Planning Online (SPOL) system.

• Improve Student Persistence: The College will improve the persistence of current students through intensely focusing on improving services to students. Specific focus will be on minimizing barriers to student success in an effort to increase the retention and progression of students in all areas of the college.

• Improve Professional Development: The College will focus on the systematic professional development of its team members to improve college performance. Specific focus will be given to ongoing professional development that data show is needed. The inclusion of adjuncts, cross-training of team members, and opportunities which will provide access to the largest numbers in efficient and effective ways will be specifically pursued.

Maintain Learning Resources: The College will offer high-quality instruction by maintaining current learning resources appropriate to the curriculum. Each college program shall perform a structured college-wide audit to identify needs in areas of the curriculum such as: learning resources, computer hardware, and computer software specifications. Specific focus will be on the alignment with industry standards, as well as accreditation criteria.

• Maintain Enrollment: The College will focus on the recruitment of students from both traditional and nontraditional populations.

• Maximize Fiscal Resources and Opportunities: The College will actively seek methods of reducing costs and operating efficiently so that the use of resources yields the maximum results. The college will continue to focus on the acquisition of funding from both public and private sources in a targeted manner to move strategic projects forward for the improvement of the College and the success of the students.

• Strengthen the Team Atmosphere: The College will focus on strengthening the culture of “esprit de corps” and sense of “team” at the institution for all members. Specific focus will be placed on the inclusion of adjuncts and affiliate groups to increase collegiate oneness.

Three Rivers College is committed to contributing to the quality of life in Southeast Missouri with quality, affordable higher education opportunities and community services that support and encourage the economic, civic, and cultural vitality of the region. For more information about college and workforce programs and upcoming events, visit

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