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Three Rivers College is announcing that students registered for Fall classes by July 6 will be the first group reviewed for Three Rivers Endowment Trust scholarship eligibility for the 2023-2024 school year. This priority scholarship deadline is to help ensure that funds are available for scholarship recipients at the very beginning of the semester.  

“We don’t want our students to have to stress about how to cover tuition or other needs until their scholarship funds become available,” said Michelle Reynolds, Director of Development for Three Rivers College. “This deadline helps make sure the funds are there when students need them.”  

Everyone who completes the admission process at TRC and submits their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is automatically considered for 280+ scholarships.  

The Financial Aid office will send out scholarship invitations in July to those eligible students who have registered by the deadline. Students will need to check their TRC email throughout the month of July to see if they have received any invitations to apply for scholarships. Eligible students must submit an essay in order to be considered for a scholarship.   

If any scholarships remain unrewarded, the Endowment Trust will review students who registered after the deadline. Those students who register late should check their email regularly until classes begin to see if they received an invitation to apply for a scholarship.  

For more information about Three Rivers Endowment Trust scholarships and tips for success when applying, visit Information on submitting a FAFSA can be found at  

To learn about contributing to or establishing scholarships at Three Rivers College, contact Michelle Reynolds at 573-840-9077 or   

To enroll at Three Rivers, call 573-840-9605, email, or visit  

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