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Dr. Amy Kopf, a professor of Chemistry and Physical Science, has been selected by Three Rivers College as the 2022-23 recipient of the Governor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. In addition, Dolores Reed, Adjunct Instructor of Medical Billing and Coding, was named by the College as its Adjunct of the Year Award for Excellence in Teaching.  

“We’re extremely proud of the work that Dr. Kopf and Mrs. Reed have done in our classrooms. They both go above and beyond to ensure that our students receive a high-quality education in a nurturing environment,” said Dr. Wesley Payne, President of Three Rivers College. “They are examples of the excellence all our instructors display and the kind of high-quality education that our students receive.” 

Kopf, who has been with Three Rivers for 16 years, earned her bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and her Ph.D. from Northwestern University.  

“I was flattered that my peers chose me and my experiences with the Three Rivers College student body by selecting me for the Excellence in Teaching Award,” Kopf said. 

She is piloting a program to determine if student performance improves if they are given smaller weekly exams, instead of larger bi-weekly exams. She includes current events and real-life scenarios in her subject matter and incorporates advising into her classroom activities. 

“I have been an educator for approximately two decades and in that time I have worked very hard to hone my craft as well as create supportive relationships with my students,” Kopf said. “It feels very satisfying to be given this honor that recognizes the time, energy, and emotion that I have invested in being the best educator I can be.” 

Reed has undertaken the revision of the Medical Billing and Coding program and has spent significant time redesigning the coursework, creating program learning outcomes, and selecting the most up-to-date curriculum to meet the needs of her students.  

“I was very pleasantly surprised to win. I could not be a success without the help of my department chair Will Cooper. Dr. Faye Sanders and Dr. Ryan Bixby have also been great assistance,” Reed said. “I feel very blessed to be recognized, and feel every teacher deserves the same acknowledgment!” 

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