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Three Rivers College recognized more than 60 of its highest performing students at its Annual Student Excellence Awards ceremony. Winners were chosen to represent each academic department and career education program, the Three Rivers external locations, honor societies, and major student organizations.

“The Student Excellence Awards are a celebration not only of academic success but of the hard work and commitment of our student body,” said Dr. Wesley Payne, President of Three Rivers College. “The success these students have achieved is not only an indication of natural ability and talent, but also their dedication to putting in the time and doing the work that makes them the standouts of Three Rivers.”

Winners from academic and career programs are chosen by that program’s leadership based on recommendations from faculty members. The leadership of each organization selects student organization, external location, and honor society award recipients.

Three Rivers College is committed to contributing to the quality of life in Southeast Missouri with quality, affordable higher education opportunities and community services that support and encourage the economic, civic, and cultural vitality of the region. For more information about college and workforce programs and upcoming events, visit

NOTE: The list of award winners is organized by hometown for news outlet convenience. It may be reproduced in full or in part at each publication’s discretion. Photos of all recipients who attended the award ceremony can be found at Student Excellence Awards 2022 and are arranged alphabetically by first name. Recipients without photos are Colton Fleeman, Tamaria Ferguson, Corbin Loggins, Kristeena Mulholland, Chloe Watkins, Sarah Stevens, Zoreonta Moore, Ashlyn Foster, Ryan Armes, Joseph Currey, Casey Haselbusch, Adrionna Pearson, Joanna Priest, Kaylin Sullivan, and Emily Welch. Cutline information is embedded in the photo’s file info.

List of award recipients by hometown.


Acacia Yates – Three Rivers – Sikeston 

Aurora, Ill.

Ahniya Melton – Lady Raiders Basketball


Grace Colvett – Accounting


Holly Park – Phi Theta Kappa


Seth Kirkman – All-Missouri Scholarship


Emily Welch – Student Leadership Academy

Cape Girardeau

Sarah Stevens – Nursing-Sikeston Program


Zoreonta Moore – Student Ambassador, Student Leadership Academy


Tamaria Ferguson – Early Childhood Development


Johnny Boham – Foreign Language – Spanish

Alex Fitzpatrick – Music – Instrumental

Chaylea Mosby – Psychology

Macy Webb – Music – Vocal


Colton Fleeman – Criminal Justice


Miranda Rayfield – Student Nurses Association


Teresa Sanders – Medical Billing & Coding


Amanda Stahlman – Physical Science


Emily Dorris – Nursing-Day Program

Sarahann Hill – Student Leadership Academy


Jose Cruz – Student Leadership Academy


Jonna Davis – Social Work


Joseph Currey – Student Leadership Academy

Corbin Loggins – Agriculture

Tammy Riddle – Three Rivers – Kennett


Brandon Heck – Emergency Medical Services

Chloe Watkins – Health/Physical Science


Ashlyn Foster – Student Government Association, Student Leadership Academy

Jesse Johns – Student Leadership Academy

Oshawa, Ontario

Darius Armorer – Philosophy

Park Hills

Jessica Hulsey – Literature


Austin Grimes – Forestry

Piggott, Ark.

Rebecca Finley – Student Leadership Academy

Poplar Bluff

Ryan Armes – Student Leadership Academy

Dean Clark – Student Leadership Academy

Kiersten Davis – Student Leadership Academy

Bridget Epps – Business Administration

Tristan Descisciolo – Resident Assistant

Dolci Gates – MCCA Student Leadership Award, Student Leadership Academy

Desanea Hightower – Student Leadership Academy

Lindsey Horrell – Student Leadership Academy

Faith Littrell – Student Leadership Academy

Ashley Louis – Sociology

Kristeena Mulholland – English

Yves Nkomba – Raiders Basketball

Myranda Odom – Student Leadership Academy

Adrionna Pearson – Student Leadership Academy

Terri Pettty – Student Leadership Academy

Sam Pierce – Raiders Baseball

Alissa Redding – Art

Anna Seaman-Christian – Government, Student Leadership Academy

Kaylin Sullivan – Student Leadership Academy

Robert Thompson – Student Leadership Academy

Ethan tucker – Student Leadership Academy

Hannah Tutor – Behavioral Health Support


Hope McCullough – All-Missouri Scholarship

Brooke Reed – Student Leadership Academy

Jacob Taylor – Teacher Education


Mackenzie Myers – Cheerleading Team

Scott City

Casey Haselbusch – Student Leadership Academy


Karis Andrews – Biological Science


MaKayla Bryant – Lady Raiders Softball

Van Buren

Zoie Gonzalez – Student Leadership Academy


Tristan Crawford – History

Kyle Elledge – Mathematics

Hannah Foriester – Chemistry

Joanna Priest – Student Leadership Academy

Linda Smith – Office Administration

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