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The Three Rivers College Behavioral Health program has been designated by The Division of Behavioral Health as a Behavioral Support program Associate of Applied Science. 

Three Rivers is one of four Missouri colleges that have the full designation. Three other colleges have a provisional designation, which means they have not had a graduating cohort yet. 

“Before programs like ours came into existence, you had to have a bachelor’s degree to do case management or care coordination in state-contracted facilities,” said Corey Reynolds, Three Rivers Behavioral Health Support program Coordinator. “Now, if you complete a program like ours, you are qualified for those jobs.” 

The certificate, good through May 2025, at which time Three Rivers can reapply, solidifies the qualifications of Three Rivers students and their ability to work in Department of Mental Health and Department of Behavioral Health contracted facilities. 

“Thank you to the Behavioral Health Support program’s advisory board and collaborative community partners for your ongoing help and support,” Reynolds said. 

Three Rivers has graduated three cohorts so far, and this certificate will also apply to those graduates. 

The accelerated 18-month Behavioral Health Support program at Three Rivers is designed to prepare students with a path to an entry-level position as a support professional in the areas of substance use disorder, disabilities, education, mental health, and psychiatric care. The BHS program also offers trauma-informed training in the areas of substance use, prevention, and mental health. 

Students will learn about the interconnectedness of the helping fields as well as how to recognize the co-occurring risk factors of mental health and behavioral health while developing self-awareness, self-reliance, and self-confidence. 

For more information about the BHS program, visit or contact Reynolds at 

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