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Course Title: Physical Disabilities Practice
Course ID: OTA 255

This course provides in-depth opportunities for students to develop assessment, intervention planning, intervention, and documentation skills to address a wide range of adult and geriatric physical disabilities and conditions typically treated by occupational therapy and occupational therapy assistants. Topics include, but are not limited to, stroke, spinal cord injury, fractures and joint replacement, head injury, and cardiopulmonary disorders. The use of splinting, orthotics, modalities, and assistive technology in treatment will also be presented. Students will learn to adapt the environment, tools, materials, and occupations to meet the self-care, work, play, and leisure needs of the adult and geriatric population. Lab activities and Level I fieldwork opportunities will enable students to participate in and apply physical disabilities treatment principles to practice. Lecture 3 hours/Laboratory 3 hours/Clinical 4 hours/Total 10 hours per week.

Credits: 4
Semester(s): Spring

Prerequisites: OTA 200, OTA 205, OTA 210, OTA 215, OTA 220

Corequisites: None

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