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Student parking is permitted in the large parking lot in front of the Bess Activity Center and the Tinnin Fine Arts Center, in the parking lot between the rear of the Westover building and the Crisp building, and in most other lots around campus, with the exception of housing.

From 7 a.m. until 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, parking on the entire lot in front of the Porter Building, the parking spaces behind and beside the Academic Resource Commons, and parking along the “loop road,” is restricted to handicap permit holders, College visitors, and College employees only.

Students using handicapped spaces must obtain a special permit from the Missouri Department of Revenue. State guidelines are followed for these permits.

Students will be mailed their parking hang tag after completing their admissions application and identity verification.

The Dean of Student Services is authorized to enforce parking rules, and all appeals must be made to that office.

Fines for parking violations are as follows:
101 – Student parked in Visitor or Faculty/Staff parking: $25
102 – Unauthorized parking while college is closed (minimum 48hrs): $25
103 – Entering area restricted from vehicle travel: $25
104 – Failure to obey traffic control signs: $50
105 – Vehicle unsafe or disruptive operation: $50
106 – Unauthorized use, counterfeit, altering, defacing permit: $50
107 – Parking on/over line: $25
108 – Parking by a yellow curb, line, crossed out area: $25
109 – Parking in driveway, sidewalk, lawn, loading zones, fire lanes, no parking: $50
110 – Parking in handicapped or crossed out section next to handicapped parking: $50
112 – Parking in visitor parking without registering: $25
113 – Obstructing the flow of traffic, blocked road or intersection: $50
114 – Littering: $50
115 – Smoking in prohibited area: $25

All fines shall be paid at the Office of Student Accounts. Unpaid fines may result in withholding of registration or official transcripts.

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