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The Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice program with the Corrections option prepares individuals for a career in law enforcement and police work. In addition to courses concerned primarily with the activities of police on the operational level, the curriculum includes the legal, social, and philosophical basis for law enforcement. This program is applicable to both the pre-service student and the in-service officer.

At Three Rivers, class sizes are small, so you get individual attention from your instructors. Tuition is affordable, and financial aid is available to eligible students.

Program Outcomes

  • Differentiate Constitutional Amendments.
  • Recognize the impact that significant Supreme Court rulings have on law enforcement.
  • Identify a violation of Missouri law based on a description of an action.
  • Identify legal terminology and procedures used within the criminal justice system.
  • Distinguish philosophical eras, sociological theories, and significant historic events impacting law enforcement.


Shawn Westbrooks

Shawn Westbrooks

Associate Professor, Law Enforcement



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